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This is a blog that will document the process, inspiration, and random thoughts that will contribute to my senior design project at carnegie mellon university this fall. check back often & feel free to leave feedback !
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7 dayz

One week left till the show! aka crunchtime. aka madness. I haven’t been posting a lot on here, mostly because I’ve been working and studying and things like that. I can’t guarantee that I will post a lot more between now and the show, but I will make sure to tie up loose ends and post pictures of the final products/the show.

as of now I have finished silkscreening all of the shirts and posters & I am in the process of laser cutting more jewelry. The lookbook is all ready for printing and clothing tags are designed. I am planning on spending the weekend silkscreening white paper bags and tissue paper. The thing that’s been taking up most of my time has been packaging. I have finally gotten it right. check it…

now off to make three more boxes and hopefully get some sleep. 


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